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elves + positive character traits 

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He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of all the Fellowship.

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Here's a question for you. When do you think that Rose fell in love with the Doctor? This is mostly me trying to figure out where to place a Time Lady; but I have been debating myself on when this happened. Some say she was in love with him from the beginning and he with her (die-hard Doctor/Rose fans). But I keep thinking that she came infatuated with him later on. Though her crushing on him from the beginning is plausible. What do you think? (Also asking like this to get other opinions).


Hmm…it’s hard to say, mostly because she was so adamant in some episodes, like Father’s Day, that they weren’t like that and she sounded almost annoyed people thought she liked him. Then there was Adam and Jack and how she was attracted to them and liked them, it was different with them than how she acted with the Doctor which made me think she hadn’t started to like him in that way at those points. And then how she acted when Mickey said he’d found another girl, like she was annoyed and jealous. I think it was sort of around Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways that she started to really crush on him and it was made worse by his kissing her at the end. I think that was the point where she was truly on her own, alone, and really knew she was in a major danger (like with the Long Game, she sort of treated it like it was nothing when it was very dangerous) and had to trust fully that the Doctor would save her or she’d die alone. Then when he did, it was like the white knight vs. the Daleks. I think him dying to save her life was probably what made her fall the most, even if she was a bit unsure of the 10th Doctor, she did seem attracted to him at least and acted with him more like she had with Adam and Jack. So…I think she started to fall mostly near the end of Bad Wolf and all the major and devastating events just sort of rushed it along and made the feelings develop quickly :)

The Ninth seemed rather attached to her.  He was more worried about her than anyone else.  Though, now that you point it out, I do have to admit that it did seem the White Knight syndrome.  I think that she was never too sure where she stood when it came to her feelings with him, like she was denying something.  And then when Ten came along, she was all gooey and possessive.  I have heard theories that RTD had to change up the dynamic a bit because he was expecting Eccleston to stay longer.  When he left, he had to change everything up and came up with an entire mess that never really resolved itself.  And one can see the difference between Series 1 & 2.  Though many Doctor/Rose fans like to deny it.


Do you know what bothers me about Journey’s End? The Doctor knew that Donna’s mind would slowly become overwhelmed by all of the Time Lord knowledge and instead of trying to help her, he instead focuses on Rose and giving Rose her happy ending. Does this bother anyone else?

Good point.  But RTD was so stuck on Rose that in “Journey’s End” he completely ignores Donna.  The Doctor could have at least came up with something else besides wiping her mind.  Everyone was so stuck on Rose in those episodes and were upset about how the Doctor just left her with a clone; while Donna is going to forget the fantastic woman she became.  Every companion since Rose (at least during the RTD era) has been treated poorly.  Rose became the “end-all” when in fact she isn’t.  Not every Rose fan treats her like that, but the majority do.

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A Dark Fire Series

Well, in order for me to do this, I am setting myself a goal.  I have currently writing a Doctor/OC Time Lady series called “A Dark Fire”.  I’ve been planning it for about a couple of months and now am getting to writing.  I just want to set myself a goal of when I am going to start publishing it.

The Time Lady is going to be the Doctor’s wife and he is going to find her before he encounters Rose.  Thus the Time Lady will meet Rose the same time as the Doctor does.  My goal is to make the Time Lady and Rose are nice to each other, with Rose learning from the Time Lady as well.  And there will be no crushing on the Doctor for her.

Tentative Starting Date:  September 13

Title of Series:  A Dark Fire
Title of Series 1 Story:  Finding What Was Lost
Name of OC:  Kahlen (real name will be revealed in first chapter)
Current Incarnation:  Scarlett Johansson (exact incarnation number will be told in first chapter)
Begins:  Series 1 before “Rose”


The Three Romana’s - Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward, Juliet Landau

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Things in Doctor Who that made me laugh
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The Armageddon Factor part 1

4 and Romana I